Finding a typo in a book


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Game of Thrones Cast attends the panel and Q&A during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego Convention Center on July 25, 2014 in San Diego, California

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Monty Python Rehearsals — 1970 and 2014

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an endless list of Vollha’s favourite characters Doctor Who’s Ninth Doctor
"It’s like when you’re a kid. The first time they tell you that the world’s turning and you just can’t quite believe it ‘cause everything looks like it’s standin’ still. I can feel it. The turn of the Earth. The ground beneath our feet is spinnin’ at 1,000 miles an hour and the entire planet is hurtling around the sun at 67,000 miles an hour, and I can feel it. We’re fallin’ through space, you and me, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world, and if we let go… That’s who I am."

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One of these things is not like the others

One of these things is not quite the same

It’s the same, but different

Can’t. Not. Reblog.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that

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Art Made From A Pile Of Junk - Video

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no seriously please get fucked

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